Sludge generation is an important part of the water and wastewater treatment process, since inadequate sludge handling system can lead to serious environmental problems.

Liquid sludge can be easily thickened and reduced to a solid cake via sludge thickening or dewatering. This reduces the volume of liquid sludge significantly, usually resulting in quite a substantial net saving in sludge disposal costs.

Different technologies need to be applied in different implementations, as the properties of liquid sludge vary from instance to instance, with projects for municipalities and solutions for industries requiring different systems. The sludge can be organic or inorganic as a consequence of the treatment process and each of these sludge varieties needs specific handling before they are made fit for disposal. Environmental requirements vary on a client by client basis, and Dewaco is able to provide sludge removal solution that works for each of them.

As a sludge treatment specialist DEWACO LTD has developed various concepts for different sludge thickening and dewatering applications. With over 1000 installations, DEWA offers a full range of thickening and dewatering equipment that provides superior performance, mechanical reliability, product life, and features.

Current trends clearly illustrate that the demand for mechanical dewatering equipment is increasing. More and more consultants and experts are specifying gravity belt thickeners and belt filter presses over other dewatering equipment due to their excellent performance records. As a company well experienced in the field of sludge treatment, DWT always strives to remain a forerunner in this field.

Optional configurations

DEWA FPD is available with various configurations i.e. Filtrate recycling system, manual/automatic brush pipe, inline polymer injection, sludge level probes, hydraulic type belt tracking and tensioning system and local PLC control panel suitable for Audio/Manual operation with provision for interlocking with accessories.

DEWACO provides the following Sludge Thickening and Dewatering technologies:


The largest available filtration areas for optimum throughput and dry solids High flexibility relating to feed concentration and throughput Easy to modify to suit any application Low operating cost (flocculent, energy ,water) Closed construction, no separate odour cabin required Continuous, fully automated operation High dry solids contents, thus low cost for disposal Compact configuration, thus low space requirements Low requirements for spare parts and expandable parts Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.