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New DEWA Belt Filter Press and thickener on its way!

Dec 19, 2015

NewsIn 2015 Dewaco Ltd has initiated a product development program, which aims to bring DEWA dewatering and thickening product line totally to a new level. New machine is ought to replace FPD model in the near future. The new model will differ from the previous models significantly. It will provide more value for DEWA users without excluding the benefits gained from the previous models. The main goals of the product development have been in increasing user friendliness of the machine and effectiveness in dewatering. Extra attention has been also paid in physical configuration of the unit. New design enables remarkable savings in logistics and creates astonishing outlook. New DEWA Belt Filter Press will be desirable in all ways. The model will become visible for public in IFAT 2016. For old DEWA customers the model will be available already from March 2016.

Econet competes for European Business Award

Sep 12, 2014

NewsEconet Ltd has been selected as a National Champion representing Finland in the 2014/15 European Business Awards. Econet competed with the best businesses in Finland to win the accolade of representing Finland in The BP Target Neutral Growth Strategy of the Year Award. The European Business Awards program runs over 18 months from Entries to the Gala Ceremony making it the largest Awards program in Europe. European Business Awards 2014/15 have announced the National Champions for 33 countries across Europe on 4th September 2014. A list of all National Champions across Europe is now available on the European Business Awards website The European Business Awards aim: • To draw attention to and recognize our best businesses and what they are doing. • To enable companies of all sizes and industries to compare themselves to and learn from the very best in Europe.To stimulate the debate about the future shape, form and substance of the business community in Europe - on a national and Europe wide level.

DEWA CSS has found home from Spain

Aug 12, 2014

NewsDewaco Oy and Spanish Tecnoconverting S.L have signed an agent agreement, which gave DEWA new home from Spain. In the Future Dewaco will supply chain scraper systems for Tecnoconverting and the partnership will create new business opportunities for both parties particularly in Spain and Luso- Hispanic world. The success story of DEWA basis on the strong and long relationships with reliable and professional partners, and Tecnoconverting is seen to complete the existing DEWA distributer base perfectly. The company is ought to have a great role to play in the continuum of DEWA story. Tecnoconverting represent the future of water treatment. The company provides multiple equipment and services, including i.e. settling engineering and flow designing, which are all required in the water treatment of today. “Tecnoconverting is a fresh, energetic and inspiriting company”, stated Dewaco’s sales manager, Ossi Isotalo. This year the company won first prize to innovation in Smagua fair, held in Zaragoza. Find more information about Tecnoconverting by visiting their website:

Continuous product development - part of Dewaco’s core competencies.

Apr 16, 2014

NewsDewaco Ltd acquired recently new testing facilities to enhance product development of DEWA Chain Scraper System. According to Dewaco’s chief designer, Jari Virtanen, new lab and testing facilities are necessary investment because Dewaco wants to maintain its position among of the world’s top chain scraper suppliers. Dewaco sales department is happy about the improvements. “The extra strong chain and flight are needed for the big basins to ensure that the quality and durability of DEWA CSS is sustained no matter what kind of application we are dealing with”, stated Ossi Isotalo from the sales and marketing department. It seems that the use of rectangular basins instead of circular model has been a growing trend around the world due the more sophisticated and efficient use of land. Today some of the basins are getting longer and wider than before, causing new challenges for the scraper performance. Dewaco takes the challenges as an opportunity. “In the future we will be even more competitive than today”, Virtanen reminds.